Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Relief Animal Pannels

My kids like to make their own oatmeal in the mornings for breakfast. That is why I love my K-cup machine SOOOOO much! They can pour a steaming hot cup of water into a measuring cup and make their own instant oatmeal without much risk of burning themselves.  However, they really, really like to eat their oatmeal. So much so that by the end of the week we have a few empty cartons on hand. I found these little cartons to be the perfect size for our next project: creating pounded tin look tiles. 
I started by giving the kids a choice of what they wanted to draw. Abstract, or real. And they chose animals. We drew the animals big enough to take up the whole tile without breaking the sides. 

We then carefully traced over our pencil lines with white glue. This part was a little tricky. If we put too much glue in one spot it would all pool together. That's o.k. We just wiped it off and tried again till we got it right. We then let our white glue drawings dry overnight.

The next day we each took a sheet of tinfoil. If you look at your foil, it should have a shiny and a dull side. We used a glue stick and put glue all over the dull side, so there were no bare spaces. We then carefully placed our animal drawings face down onto the glue side of the foil and folded the edges over and wrapped them like a present. We used cotton swabs (like q-tips) to then trace the lines of our animal drawings and made sure all the foil was glued down well. I think they turned out pretty cool, what do you think?



Another octopus. FYI the plural of octopus is octopuses. 

My 5 year old made a 5 eyed spider.

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