Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Crayon & Oil Pastel Resist

Crayon/Oil Pastel Resist

This was an introductory lesson to the Pysanky. I wanted the children to be able to understand that wax/oil would resist the paint in the same way that it would resist the dye once applied to the eggs. These are a few of the pictures we drew with wax crayon then painted over with water color paints. 

It was really important for the children to color very dark with the crayons, if it was too light, the paint would cover right over the crayon. 

We started by drawing circles, then embellishing them until they were large.
We also filled in the backgrounds.

We then used a very watered down dark color.
The kids all chose black, but any dark color would work too. 

We had a few puddles that took a while to dry out!

the finished product!

You could get very creative with this project. Try using only white crayon and cover it with a bright color. Try writing secret messages that can be decoded when they are painted over. The sky is the limit, have fun!!

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