Thursday, 8 May 2014

Pretty Oil Pastel Pictures.

The next medium we started exploring was oil pastels. These are a bit messy, but they are lots of fun!

I started with a lesson on the basic color wheel. We discussed primary colors, secondary colors, complimentary colors and warm/cool colors.  We drew our very own color wheel and labeled it. We made a 'list' of warm color swatches and cool color swatches.

Next we picked a topic. My kids like bugs and we have a beautiful beetle book with many pictures of all kinds of beetles.

We practiced making dark lines and light lines with the oil pastels. Next we practiced shading from dark to light. The point of this exercise is to get a good feel for how the pastels work.

Next we drew our bugs. The children were to use as much of the paper as they could for this. No teeny tiny bugs in the middle of the page. They had a choice to have their beetle be in all warm or cool colors and were allowed ONE complimentary color on their bug. The flower in the background was to be opposite of what they chose for their beetle. I think they turned out great!
Lady bug in warm colors

lady bug in cool colors

Our bug gallery!

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