Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Hello, and welcome!

Hi there! Welcome to my blog about the artistic escapades of my four children, me and maybe some stragglers that wander through the house. I am currently in my third year of home educating our children, with our oldest in third grade and our youngest just three years old.

Earlier this year, my children asked me why we don't do more art. And you know what? Hearing them ask that gave me a HUGE reality check. I had gotten caught up in the 'school' end of things, and forgotten one of the main reasons we kept them home in the first place: to help them pursue their interests.

So, at least once per week, we have been trying to incorporate more art. This wasn't a stretch or even a challenge for me. After all, I graduated from an artistic program from Grant MacEwan University and taught many years of community drawing/painting/art classes, including homeschool art for a year before I had my own little treasures at home.

My favourite part of teaching my own little ones at home is that there are no time limits. When we get into a project we really get into it. No putting away projects after an hour, or at three p.m. because the bell rang. And Dad usually joins the fun when he gets home from work too. Just last month I taught the kids and hubs how to write pysanky. The kids were hooked and turned out some really stunning stuff. The best part for me was having a 'date night' with my husband where the t.v. was off and we just sat up till the wee hours writing pysanky together and chatting.

On this site you will find our art projects. These are pretty simple projects. I will do my best to write how we did them and what materials we used.  Sometimes you will even find a link to somewhere else. this is just a collection of our projects. Thanks for coming and looking! I hope we inspire you to grow your talents and spend time with your loved ones.
some of the kids pysanky

my own pysanky

my husband and my 'date night' pysanky