Thursday, 1 May 2014

Pete and Repeat

Pete and Repeat were in a boat. Pete fell out. Who was left?


Pete and Repeat were in a boat. Pete fell out. Who was left?

Repeat. I could go on....

This is the funniest thing to a seven year old boy at the moment.  I love the way their little minds work!

Repeat pattern was also the theme of one of our projects we did this year. All you will need to do this project is a sheet of paper, markers, and imagination.

We started out with a blank sheet of paper, and I drew two leaves with a sharpie. I then traced the same design on to two more sheets of paper. This went well with the 'pattern repeat' theme. In each section of the leaves the assignment was to add a different repeating pattern. We used colored pencils for our project.  It was fun to see how many different patterns we could come up with. This was also a great project for fine motor skills for my younger child. Notice how all the little lines follow one another.

I did find this project on pinterest, so the idea was by far not original by me. I just cannot find the link. If you know of it, please post in the comments

My sweet boy. He made an entire section for his little sister. Such a sweetie

my project. I love creating with the kids.

Pretty impressed with my daughter's creativity!

Remember ~ as with all art, there is no right or wrong. Each child/artist is an individual and will express this in a unique way.  Most of us don't have a natural ability but skills can be learned, and practice really does make perfect! Have fun!

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